The following is a case history of Well 00/10-35-109-07 W6/0 based on data obtained from the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (formerly the ERCB) located in Calgary, Alberta. This case history shows the production history in cubic meters per hour for the period January, 1995 to December, 1996.

The HIVAC cage was installed in April, 1996. Note the increase in total fluid production!!

Production History of 00/10-35-109-07 W6/0 case5a.gif 8K

Oil Production Increase 70.43%
Gas Production Increase% 571.95%
Water Production Increase 1063.13%

case5b.gif 6K

The extra oil production from April 1996 through December 1996 has generated $192,400 gross revenue assuming oil valued at $25.00/bbl.

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