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The above caption describes the importance of the patented HIVAC (High Volume and Compression) cage! What is does not tell you is that it can increase your revenue by $1100 US per day per well!

This is based on actual numbers obtained from the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (formerly the ERCB) showing case histories of production in wells before and after the installation of the HIVAC cage. This is public information, and is available to everyone.

These cages are available from HIVAC Company Ltd. through the pump repair shop of your choice.

What is the HIVAC Cage?

The HIVAC cage is a revolutionary design of subsurface rod pump cages which provides both the ultimate in flow capacity and compression. These two features address the two critical factors that affect downhole pump efficiency. These two critical factors are:

  1. How efficiently the pump is filled with liquid on the upstroke
  2. How efficiently the pump handles compressible fluids on both the upstroke and the downstroke
The flow capacity of the HIVAC cage design allows the pump to fill properly and the compression feature of the design allows for higher compression ratios to handle compressible fluids. This reduces the possibility of fluid pound caused by inadequate pump fillage and reduces, or eliminates, gas locking due to compression ratios that are too low to overcome hydrostatic load on the traveling ball. This unique design increases pump efficiency by allowing the standing valve to open sooner on the upstroke.

Although primarily used in the standing position, the HIVAC cage is also being used in the traveling position in heavy oil applications.

This new technology is sure to revolutionize the recovery of petroleum products through the use of subsurface rod pumps.

In our view, the HIVAC (high volume and compression) cage is the GREATEST CONTRIBUTION to the efficiency of the rod pump through the design change of a single pump component in thirty-five years. The following table outlines the features and the benefits of this new technology.

Outstanding Flow Capacity
  • Greatly increased production capability
  • Better pump fillage resulting in higher pump efficiency
  • Decreases or eliminates fluid pound, thus increasing pump and pumping system run life
  • Increases plunger fall velocity in viscous fluids
  • Lower fluid velocities decreases wear due to erosion
  • Highest Available Compression
  • Decrease or eliminate gas lock
  • Increase pump efficiency
  • Tapered Fluid Ports
  • Decrease stroke loss due to faster valve action on down stroke, thus increasing pump efficiency
  • Unparalleled valve performance in deviated and horizontal wells
  • Wide range of flow rates with minimum pressure drop
  • Contoured Ball Stop
  • Eliminate spalling of balls due to high single point impact, thus increasing run life
  • Helical Fluid Ports
  • Imparts circular motion to fluid thereby increasing hang time of suspended particulates. This results in less wear between plunger and barrel, as well as increased valve life
  • Unlimited Seating Surfaces
  • Unlike drops, plungers or darts, balls and seats offer virtually unlimited sealing surfaces, thus increasing run life

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